Course Contract

The students who meet all the objective requirements listed below will be guaranteed a grade of “B” or better. 

Each Formal Assignment (together, 55% of grade)

  • Meet the length requirement
  • Meet the stated requirements of the prompt (be on-topic)
  • Assert an arguable thesis
  • Support claims with relevant evidence
  • Integrate the kinds of analysis the prompt requires:
  • For Assignment 1 – interpretation of the literary object you have chosen to analyze and deployment of a key term relating to either formor genre
    • For Assignment 2 – interpretation of the literary object you have chosen to analyze, interpretation of a theoretical text, and application of an idea from the theoretical text to the literary text
    • For Assignment 3 – application of ideas from at least two scholarly sources that you have found through research to the literary analysis you did in either Assignment 1 or Assignment 2
  • Document any evidence from outside sources according to MLA style, which means you MUST:
    • Include in-text citation EVERY time you use ideas from a source
    • Include a Works Cited page with entries for each source you used


Annotation Assignments (three submissions, together 15% of grade)

  • Copy/print two pages of a text we have studied together in class
  • Annotate those two pages closely marking and commenting on at minimum twelve items of textual interest
  • Write a reflection on your annotation of at least two pages (meet the length requirement)
  • In the reflection, discuss the insights you gained about the text from your annotation. What patterns did you find? What formal elements became interesting? What questions or responses did you have to the text? You may respond to any of the above questions but should not feel restricted by them.


Portfolio Reflection (5% of grade)

  • Submit a 1-2 page reflection on the development of your ideas about literary analysis over the course of the semester
  • Address all the formal assignments
  • Both discuss your personal experience of producing this writing and also comment on the interests you wish to pursue as you go forward in the study of literature in English.


Peer Review (5% of grade)

  • Come to class having prepared a full draft on each peer review day
  • Give substantial feedback to classmates on each peer review day


Weekly Short Writings (10% of grade)

  • Submit a minimum of 6 weekly writings of 200-400 words each
  • Post in response to the discussion questions on our course site


Discussion and In-Class Writing (10% of grade)

  • Each week, eithercontribute verbally to class discussion at least once or write a 50+ word response to someone else’s weekly short writing.
  • Complete any in-class writings and turn them in at the end of class.

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